Thursday, May 12, 2016

Staying technical

One of the things I love about ham radio is the ability to experiment. Whether it be creating a circuit, doing some coding, building an antenna, or just operating, nearly every activity is technical!!! In my day job, I'm an IT leader. I get to work with some amazing people on some incredible projects. I'm currently involved with the migration of every piece of hardware, software, and data for a Fortune 50 company into new data centers. How cool is that!

But the one thing I don't get to do in my day job is code. Or create. Or build. Instead, I handle escalations, improve performance, resolve issues, and build teams. Troubleshooting is a part of my life - at work and in my hobbies. I'm pretty darn good at breaking a problem apart and coming with options, and then executing solutions.

Lately I've been staying technical by helping my daughter Erin build a weather station for the Heyworth FFA. She's built a station out of some sensors, an arduino, a solar panel, and the ham radio AREDN mesh software. It is pretty slick! Erin is getting some great press, along with lots of social media attention. The best part is she is learning to create, build, deploy, troubleshoot and enjoy!

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