Monday, January 25, 2016

Internet access into ham radio mesh network

In my continuing work with the ham radio AREDN (amateur radio emergency data network) mesh software, I've come across the need to provide access from the internet to a host located across the mesh. Unfortunately,  the AREDN graphical interface doesn't provide a way to do this.

But don't despair! If you're capable of editing a file on a linux based platform, you can add your own firewall rules on the AREDN node that is connected to the internet to provide this access. On the AREDN mesh gateway you edit the /etc/firewall file and put in either a routing rule or a SNAT/DNAT rule. The difference is whether or not the gateway node will just pass the traffic through or if it will proxy (NAT) the traffic onto the mesh.

I'm working with the AREDN developers to add this functionality to the gui, and I'd expect that to come out later in 2016. In the meantime, if you're interested in making this work drop me an email and I'll send you some instructions! My callsign is KG9DW and I've got an address.

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