Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What happens to your gear when you die?

How's that for a title? I'm helping a widow sell her late husband's ham gear. Things are going quickly as a local ham bought most of the newer gear based on recent sale prices from eBay and the QRZ.com swapmeet forum. Had she not reached out to the local club, it's likely she would have sold thousands of dollars of gear at a yard sale for pennies, or simply sent it to recycling.

This got me to thinking...does my wife know who to call to dispose of my gear should something happen to me? While probably not high on the things to do list if I pass suddenly, it sure would be a good idea to have a list of hams I trust in a folder for her.

There are some great hams out there - I met another one over email this week who spends hundreds of dollars a year to provide data services for other hams. But there are also crooks and thieves that would rob a widow blind. Do your significant other a favor...leave behind a list of hams you trust.

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Dennis Mills said...

Hello Mike,

You sir are a thinker outside the box and your advice is well stated.
My xyl (wife) has asked me to do the same and I have a list of hams I trust and a folder with my gear with dates and purchase prices and value on today's market that she can open when I am gone. Can't let her see what I paid for some of my gear for sure! KE9UA