Monday, February 23, 2015

WAS most wanted?

This weekend I finally snagged Nevada. Not one of the smallest states in the US, but certainly one that has been elusive to me since getting back into HF in 2013. I had worked a ham in Nevada earlier last year, but my multiple requests for LoTW or a paper card fell into the noise. But this weekend I worked a Nevada station that promised a paper card straight away.

This got me to thinking...with the magic list of DXCC most wanted, is there a WAS most wanted list? I worked every state and received quick confirmations in short order except for Delaware and Nevada. And watching the psk streams go by, I sure see a lot of people asking for NV, and DE. Of course, it depends on where you're located.

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Dennis Mills said...


Too me; each state was a conquest to get confirmed! I just had to beg 5 different guys from Kentucky and 7 different guys from Alabama to confirm our qso on QRZ so I could finish my WAS award from QRZ. Out of all those guys, only two responded to my direct email request and I finally got the award.

So, some hams to me are just plain lazy and don't give s #$%& and others are quick to confirm a qso. Sure beats me as to why this happens. I've been a ham since the first of the 70's and nothing has changed in the qsl department.

good hunting for your awards and good luck Michael.