Friday, January 16, 2015

Climate Change

One of my many hobbies is the watching of weather. I really started to get involved with weather while I was in college, working for WTHI AM and FM. Watching the weather was important while I was on the air...but was even more important when I was "playing engineer". I needed to know if the tower was likely to get hit by that big thunderstorm rolling across Illinois!

So when we moved to the flatlands of Illinois, I bought a weather station. It's a Davis Vantage Pro...wireless from the sensor to the main unit. I hooked it up to share the information via Weather Underground. Pretty neat stuff - they store the data, and I can go look at it from anywhere I want.

Recently I've got all of the information being forwarded via the weewx program on a Raspberry pi. Very minimal power utilization by the I'm reducing my carbon footprint. :-)

But here's the rub. The Weather Underground guys are full-on climate change proponents. It's in your face, how could you possibly doubt, we're the scientists and you're dumb doubters... It is yucky.

I'm a doubter. I'm with my oldest daughter that believes that the climate is changing, but by how much and because of what is in doubt. As she goes through college that may change. I'm a strong believer in God. He has a plan, and he controls the universe. That's in conflict with a lot of climate change, and most scientists in general.

Regardless, the KILHEYWO1 weather station will continue to send its data to Weather Underground. It's a good site, great availability, and free to use. I'm glad I live where anyone can have any idea they want, and capitalism wins.

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