Friday, September 26, 2014

UPDATE!!!! Evergreen FS in Bloomington IL - no guns - no Michael

UPDATE 10/17/2014:

I received a phone call from Mr Kendall Miller, general manager for Evergreen FS. They have decided to take down their no guns signs in response to my letter and the many others received from across the area. Thank you Mr. Miller and I'm happy to be able to visit FS FarmTown again!!!!

Original post from 9/26/2014:

Dear Mr Jon Thomas - Manager FS FarmTown -

I've been a patron of Evergreen FS for 7+ years. I routinely buy fuel as I've found your diesel to be of the highest quality. Today I stopped by and purchased propane for the first time this year. I noticed the no guns signs on your doors. I'm disappointed by your decision to post your business in this fashion.

I will no longer be patronizing your facility now that you've decided to limit my ability to protect myself. Although your staff has always been friendly and helpful, I am doubtful that they can ensure my security. 

I would never have noticed your signs as I never go inside. But today I did and now I know that you have chosen to restrict my rights. 

I will share your decision with my friends, fellow farmers, and colleagues. Should you chose to revisit your policy, please let me know. I would welcome the ability to provide you with the money I spend each week in diesel.


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