Monday, January 20, 2014

Heyworth UHF repeater update

The KG9DW Repeater in Heyworth is up and running on the Tate and Lyle Grain Elevator! This puts the repeater up at about 200' AGL. I made a trip to Indiana this past weekend and I was able to work it from Champaign. That's a pretty good haul for a kludged together UHF ham repeater. The antenna is a 8 element Decibel antenna, with 9 to 11 DB of gain (depending on who you ask). The antenna was abandoned from a farm operation that moved to Nextel or phones or something. This made the move a near non-event. The only hard part was routing the coax into the pressurized room. The previous coax had been removed, and the hole had been filled in. A little chiseling (without a chisel) and I was in. I've been working guys all over McLean and Dewitt counties, and even some down into Logan county. Give a hollar anytime on 442.825+ 141.3PL.

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