Monday, January 20, 2014

APRS digipeater with a Raspberry Pi

For Christmas this year I received a Raspberry Pi. This is one sweet little computer! I also asked for (and got) an TNC-X board that you build and then plug into the top of the Pi. I now have a fully-functional APRS I-Gate and fill-in Digipeater up and functional here on the south side of McLean County. The stats are remarkable...and after some fiddling, filtering, and optimization, I've got it working just like I want. There are a few wide-area digipeaters in the area, but not many I-gates. While digipeaters allow mobile or portable stations to get their packets out to a broader audience, an I-gate takes APRS traffic from the internet and puts it out on the RF. Likewise, it take RF traffic and puts it back on the internet. Using a program called aprx, I'm running a digipeater and I-gate all from the little Pi! A local member of the Central Illinois Radio Club (CIRC) had an Alinco 2m rig he wasn't using anymore. That, along with the homebrew j-pole antenna I built, makes for a pretty good station. I'm only 30' up in the air, but we're on a bit of a rise. I'm copying stations from up to 75km away.

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