Monday, March 18, 2013

Yaesu parts

I've been helping out at the fire department working on their radios. Let me tell you, Motorola is robbing everyone. The cost of parts is outrageous. And the cost of software? Yeah, it's crazy. $200 for software to program handhelds? That's on the low end.

So when I needed to order a new knob and speaker for my Yaesu HF radio, I was expecting OUCH. Nope. Cost for knob? $0.57. Cost for the speaker? $5.75. Neat. Standard shipping, should be here in a week from California.


Shannon said...

Are the Yaesu devices just as good as the Motorola?

Martin said...

If I may kindly ask, where did you order the yaesu parts? In the EU it's almost impossible to order spareparts :(

Any tips are more then welcome!

Michael Brown said...

Sorry for the delay in responding. I ordered directly from Yaesu in California.