Friday, January 4, 2013

Why have you forsaken me Illinois?

We just returned from a great vacation in Wisconsin. This, after a quick trip to the homeland of Indiana for Christmas activities at Grandmothers'. Anyway, we're back in Illinoikstan, home of no self-protection. Carry in Wisconsin? Yep, I got a permit that allows that. Carry in Indiana? Yep, I got one for there too. But protect my most valuable assets (my wife and my children) in our "home" state? Nope, not allowed.

On vacation, I learned from the ISRA and NRA, along with blogger Sebastian of pending gun control legislation in Illinois. Yes, MORE restrictions on our second amendment rights. These new laws would eliminate all modern firearms from Illinois. Wow.

The Chicago machine is killing this state.

My state senator and representative are pro-2A and anti-guncontrol. I've mailed them letters and called them this week. I might just have to make a trip to Springfield on Sunday to have a face-to-face with them anyway.

Oh Senator Mark Kirk, Senator Dick Durbin, and Representative Rodney Davis? You better be listening to us here in non-Chicago Illinois, as we do vote and we will not accept any more gun regulation.

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