Thursday, January 10, 2013

Walmart, Bass Pro, Amazon in bed with gun control?

Lots of rumblings on the interwebs today about Walmart meeting with President Obama's blue ribbon commission on gun control. I'm hearing also that Bass Pro and Dick's UnSporting Goods will be there as well. Finally, an article is out that Amazon is helping buy back guns in Washington state.

First, Walmart is going to do what is best for Walmart. If they add crazy policy to purchase guns and ammo, I'm done with them. This is the same I'd expect from anyone that understands civil rights. We do probably $1000 in business with Walmart every month. That's huge for our family, a drop in the bucket for them. When all supporters of civil rights, and especially the second amendment boycott the Walmart beast, they'll notice. Hey PR and social media guy from Walmart reading this? Don't let it happen man....

Bass Pro and Dick's? Pretty irrelevant anyway. I like to window shop, but the most expensive item bought from Bass Pro has been a hat, and maybe a shirt once from Dick's. Amazon on the other hand is my go-to supplier for nearly everything. But just because they are providing some gift cards for a program, doesn't mean they have sold out to the gun control lobby. Heck, I hope they do get some guns off the streets. I don't like guns lying on the streets. They rust. And anyone stupid enough to turn in a gun for a gift card doesn't deserve to own a gun. I'm pretty sure they'll get some trash or bb guns. And that's fine, because bb guns will shoot your eye out.

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