Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Out of Space

We've run out of space at work. Physical space. No more room for people, no parking spots left. So we've moved to a work-from-home-when-you-can arrangement. For me, that works maybe once a week depending on meetings and engagements I have.

Today is one of those work-from-home days, so I'm dialed in to some meetings. Things that you just pass over when you are in the room really stand out when you are listening on the phone. There is a lot of time spent asking for consensus in our organization. We really need to get passed that.


From Facebook, paraphrased....

Matt: It's freakin' 3 degrees here. I hate Illinois.
Larry: Sorry, it's 70 today here in Texas, 80 by the weekend. Come on down!
Matt: Yeah, but Texas in the summer it's miserably humi....what a second...

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Our new slogan for Illinois

We've come up with a new slogan here in Illinois. It's simple, kinda catchy....

"Illinois - we're not New York!"

Why this, why now? Well, if you've been following any of the news you know that New York has gone nuts for gun control. Before, Chicago was the capital of outrageous gun control legislation. Nope, no longer. New York has that all tied up with their new 7 round magazine limit. Gun control - it's what you do instead of something.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Walmart, Bass Pro, Amazon in bed with gun control?

Lots of rumblings on the interwebs today about Walmart meeting with President Obama's blue ribbon commission on gun control. I'm hearing also that Bass Pro and Dick's UnSporting Goods will be there as well. Finally, an article is out that Amazon is helping buy back guns in Washington state.

First, Walmart is going to do what is best for Walmart. If they add crazy policy to purchase guns and ammo, I'm done with them. This is the same I'd expect from anyone that understands civil rights. We do probably $1000 in business with Walmart every month. That's huge for our family, a drop in the bucket for them. When all supporters of civil rights, and especially the second amendment boycott the Walmart beast, they'll notice. Hey PR and social media guy from Walmart reading this? Don't let it happen man....

Bass Pro and Dick's? Pretty irrelevant anyway. I like to window shop, but the most expensive item bought from Bass Pro has been a hat, and maybe a shirt once from Dick's. Amazon on the other hand is my go-to supplier for nearly everything. But just because they are providing some gift cards for a program, doesn't mean they have sold out to the gun control lobby. Heck, I hope they do get some guns off the streets. I don't like guns lying on the streets. They rust. And anyone stupid enough to turn in a gun for a gift card doesn't deserve to own a gun. I'm pretty sure they'll get some trash or bb guns. And that's fine, because bb guns will shoot your eye out.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

IL AG requests full court hearing on CCW

Illinois attorney general Lisa Madigan has requested the full 10 member appellate court to hear the NRA and SAF challenge to Illinois's ban on the carrying of all weapons. While expected, the chances for success of an appeal are limited. This appeal also doesn't impact the timeline set forth by the original decision that gives lawmakers until June 2013 to implement a constitutional law. If the lawmakers do not, the state's law will be struck down and carry by anyone with a FOID will become legal.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Grassroots effort kills new Gun Control in Illinois

An amazing outpouring of opposition to new gun control legislation in Illinois has resulted in the House Judiciary Committee deciding to not allow any gun control measures to proceed to the full House. This is great news, and is a testament to the power of the voters. Even the lame ducks got scared. We will continue to be vigilant, as we know that the evil powers from Chicago will try this again.

Illinois #1 State in Moves - OUT?

Well, this is very interesting in light of the recent legislation and budget troubles. Let's see, gun laws proposed that would require confiscation or destruction of 80% of all firearms currently in the state; rejection of funding for DCFS (our child protective services) because the money was already promised to horse tracks; recent doubling of the income tax rate for individuals....should I go on?

From WJBC:
More people are moving out of Illinois than are moving in, at least among those who hire professional movers and are moving within the country, according to the annual United Van Lines report on domestic migration patterns based on their bookings. Of those moving into or out of Illinois last year, 59 percent were out, the second-highest ratio in the country behind New Jersey, according to spokesman Melissa Sullivan.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Why have you forsaken me Illinois?

We just returned from a great vacation in Wisconsin. This, after a quick trip to the homeland of Indiana for Christmas activities at Grandmothers'. Anyway, we're back in Illinoikstan, home of no self-protection. Carry in Wisconsin? Yep, I got a permit that allows that. Carry in Indiana? Yep, I got one for there too. But protect my most valuable assets (my wife and my children) in our "home" state? Nope, not allowed.

On vacation, I learned from the ISRA and NRA, along with blogger Sebastian of pending gun control legislation in Illinois. Yes, MORE restrictions on our second amendment rights. These new laws would eliminate all modern firearms from Illinois. Wow.

The Chicago machine is killing this state.

My state senator and representative are pro-2A and anti-guncontrol. I've mailed them letters and called them this week. I might just have to make a trip to Springfield on Sunday to have a face-to-face with them anyway.

Oh Senator Mark Kirk, Senator Dick Durbin, and Representative Rodney Davis? You better be listening to us here in non-Chicago Illinois, as we do vote and we will not accept any more gun regulation.