Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Safety in Rural Environments

The majority assume that living outside of heavily urban or suburban areas decreases the likelihood of their encountering a situation in which they would have to defend themselves or their loved ones from a lethal threat.
Oh, how that is so far from being true! In our very own McLean County, there are 3 deputies covering the entire county (the LARGEST geographic county in the state) at any given time. Protect yourself and your family.

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Frank Ferraro said...

Just emailed and got a return email from your AG on concealed carry that has been approved and maybe will go into effect in 180 days. So I may feel safe again coming to see my children again in LeRoy. As is I don't feel good driving thru Ill. having to stop on Ill side of St Louis to pack up my firearm 4 the rest of the trip. Glad to hear McLean Co sheriff does not enforce carry laws about time someone does not agree with Chicago on that. Glad your work in this area is working. Love your Wunderground site also, mine is Twin Creek, Melbourne, AR. Keep up the good work. Frank Ferraro