Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Record Corn Crop?

Imagine walking into a corn field and sticking a spade into a 1 inch crack, only to find its deep enough to swallow the entire thing. That’s what happened to Chad Colby, of Cross Implement Inc. in Illinois, this week. He was walking a field with one of his growers discussing the same topic that is on the mind of most of the Midwest: Will the rain come in time?

Farmers throughout the country are living on a finite timeline. Counting the number of days they can survive without a rain. Brian Scott, a farmer near Monticello, Ind., says the weather has got to turn around soon. In fact he says that if it doesn’t rain by July 4, things are going to get really ugly really fast. "I don’t think it will be dead, but it’s going to be hurt awful bad," he says.
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